PCC 393

PCC Minutes: Monday 12th July 2021

St Luke’s Church, Grayshott


Meeting 393 of the PCC via Zoom commencing at 7.30 pm. 


Present:  Members: Revd Jeremy Haswell, Edward Tobin, Lin Corlett, Clive Loder, Viv Ward, Alice Murphy, Christopher Grocock, Floss Mitchell, Allison Sutcliffe, Anna Finey, Clive Purkiss, Ros Balfour, Penny Thomas.


In attendance: Dan Bennett (Youth Worker) and Sheila Austin (Secretary)


1. Welcome and opening prayer

Revd Haswell opened the meeting with a prayer and a reading of Psalm 23. He  welcomed Penny Thomas attending her first meeting since being elected.


2. Apologies:  Revd Elizabeth Knifton, Jeremy Hassell, Frankie Kelly


3. Minutes of the last meeting. The Minutes of meeting 392 were proposed by Allison Sutcliffe, seconded by Alice Murphy and approved unanimously and signed by Revd Jeremy Haswell.


4.Administration & Quinquennial Report Edward Tobin had posted the full Quinquennial Inspection(QI) Report on the shared drive, and said the items for the PCC were reasonably straightforward. He had listed the items required to be actioned in his Admin Report. The net zero carbon emissions target by 2030 obviously needed attention but was already being addressed – Viv Ward helping with the Energy Footprint Tool in conjunction with our energy supplier. Clive Loder added that most of the other elements of the Net Zero target we already comply with. However installing double glazing in the church would be impossible.

The Asbestos Survey Report was still awaited and being hastened but had been raised by the Architect, as was the need for a Health & Safety Officer. Revd Haswell said that it was a role that should be filled.

Revd Haswell asked about the earth bonding in the Bell Tower frame, mentioned in the QI report, and Edward said this was a matter of contention between the Architect and Bryanston Electrical (BE), who have said it doesn’t need doing. Floss Mitchell suggested  BE be asked to provide their professional advice in writing to be available for the next QI.

Viv Ward asked if the concern about the weathervane was being progressed, although not mentioned in the QI report. Edward said Jeremy Hassell was investigating high level access equipment which he would need to do the job.

Edward said the guidance from the government for the opening of the building was rather confusing and no changes will be made until 19th July. Gill Pain had asked when MANNA could restart, and other groups were also keen to resume. Floss Mitchell stated that no guidance would change until new rules had been published. Revd Haswell commented that the advice was to proceed with caution and that St Luke’s did have an ongoing Duty of Care.

Referring to his published report Edward drew attention to plans of several groups looking to use the church rooms again. He explained the situation with Crossways Counselling which was very much supported by PCC members, as being a benefit to the community and St Luke’s. Viv Ward asked if the cleaning side of anyone hiring the rooms had been considered and Edward said he would discuss this subject with the Office. Anna Finey suggested that each user group be responsible for leaving the rooms as they found them, thus removing any extra cost to the church. Edward asked if the PCC was happy for the Standing Committee to take these routine matters forward rather than waiting for the next PCC meeting. This was proposed by Penny Thomas, seconded by Foss Mitchell, Approved unanimously.

Looking ahead to the further relaxation of rules, Edward said help would be needed to return the church items that had been housed in Timothy Room during the period of the Pandemic.  Revd Haswell added that contact with cloth was a low-grade risk which could be managed, and that cushions and kneelers could be put back.

Revd Haswell said he would wish masks still to be worn in church even when singing is permitted and he really liked the suggestion from Allison Sutcliffe that there be a zone in church for those wishing to continue social distancing. Allison mentioned again her concerns about cleaning, particularly in the church rooms and Edward said it could be a condition of use. The meeting discussed various concerns and solutions, Floss Mitchell concluded it was quite reasonable to ask people to use wipes and antiseptic spray after using a room and a formal clean by the church room/church cleaners be done as required.

Revd Haswell acknowledged the difficulties involved in planning how to proceed with dealing with people who do not want to wear masks in the future. The situation needed to be kept under review and include those who have exemptions. Dan Bennett suggested the church provide a supply of disposable masks and request those without masks use one whilst in the church building. Floss Mitchell agreed with Dan and also liked Allison’s idea of dedicated area for people wanting to socially distance and perhaps another area for those exempted from wearing masks.

Revd Haswell thanked Edward Tobin for his report and his work in connection with the Quinquennial Inspection.


5a.Vicar’s Report. Revd Haswell apologised for the lateness of his report, but he was experiencing a very busy time. He confirmed the recovery agenda was underway and was grateful to Brenda Schwartz, Susie Millard and Floss Mitchell for the preparations for the Recovery Day and New Wine events coming up. His COVID 19 concerns had already been covered except the use of the common communion cup. He added that no change to the Diocesan guidance had been received. Several members asked about the use of individual cups, that were in the Vestry. Revd Haswell said he’d received specific instructions from Bishop Jo Bailey-Wells that they were not to be used but the meeting asked that in the light of changes to government guidelines a letter be sent to Bishop Jo requesting clarification of this situation.

Revd Haswell’s report contained a sample draft service schedule which contained a combination of styles of worship, and he invited the PCC to think about the possible shape of services. He said  a decision was needed quite soon so the schedule can be published. Allison Sutcliffe commented that Parish Breakfast was attended mainly by members of the 8.30am congregation but this schedule didn’t have one. A number of observations and suggestions were put forward but a balance between Contemporary and Traditional services was important as was sharing the load. Revd Haswell stressed the importance of the sustainability of the number of services in any future schedule. Viv Ward stated he needed more time to consider the draft schedule. Revd Haswell thanked everyone for their comments and suggestions and said they were all being considered. Edward Tobin suggested a PCC subgroup be formed of members from both formats of services which should include the two Local Lay Ministers (LLM). Revd Haswell agreed this would be helpful but ultimately it was his responsibility.


5b.Finance Report. Viv Ward said that as he had published his report and there had been no questions, he would only say that the main concern is the projected deficit of £38k and that the Stewardship and Fundraising Team should meet again soon. Apart from that he had only one thing to add which was that St Luke’s has a deposit of £60k sitting in the Church of England Deposit Fund (CBF) and changes are needed to the signatories. Viv Ward proposed :– St Luke’s PCC currently hold some of their reserves with the CBF, the current balance is £60k. It is proposed that the approved signatories be updated to be the following trustees Revd Haswell, Edward Tobin and Viv Ward and two signatures will be required for any transactions. Seconded by Clive Loder, approved unanimously.


5c. Youth Report.

Dan Bennett referred to his report and focussed on the plans for the Holiday Club. It would be held over three days, and he expected to publish details very soon. The event is planned to take place at Grayshott School, and he was confident all necessary safeguards would be met. It was recognised that the COVID 19 situation might change and that might require the Holiday Club to revert to an online event. Dan expected there to be a maximum of 30 children and a charge of £10 per child, and  assured Viv Ward it would be self-funded. He was asked to produce a budget to ensure no overspend in the light of the church’s financial situation.

Anna Finey reported an update on activities from Susie Millard. She was preparing a leavers service and Moving On workshops for Year 6. Susie was hopeful of providing a copy of the New Testament and the Psalms for the school next year.

Revd Haswell thanked Dan and Susie for all their work with Grayshott School.


5e. Pastoral Report.  Ros Balfour told the meeting that she had spoken to Luca (the chef) but was awaiting his confirmation of his availability for restarting Friendships Lunches and possibly Babes and Toddlers breakfasts in September. This was all she had to add to her published report.


5f. Outreach Report Allison Sutcliffe had submitted her report and only added that ways were being sought to get people together socially, but this was proving difficult, and she would welcome any suggestions. Revd Haswell said how important the social side of things were for the church and investment in time and energy to get us together was a vital part of the recovery agenda. He thanked Allison for all her efforts.


6. Any other business

a.  The matter of a dedicated space in church for those wanting to continue socially distancing had been covered earlier.

b. Edward Tobin would reply to Gill Pain regarding resuming use of church rooms.


7. Closing Prayer

Revd Haswell closed the meeting with a prayer at 9.35pm


Signed 13th September 2021



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