Babes & Toddlers Group

St Luke's, Grayshott, Babes and Toddlers Group

Normally: Term-time, Monday Mornings: 9.30 - 11.30am

Covid Provision: 10am Monday Morning Zoom -
see Facebook: search 
"St Luke's Babes &Toddlers"

Julia runs our Babes and Toddler group, which has been seriously affected by the Covid-19 lock-downs.  We have had meetings on Lyndon Green, with permission from Grayshott Parish Council, which will be re-commenced when regulations and weather permit. At Christmas we had a group standing outside singing carols at the porch of the Church, and all the children received Christmas gifts.

During more normal times we have seasonal events and little services, including Easter Egg hunt and Christmas service, and a Teddybear's picnic, all paid for out of the funds collected during the year.


During this time of lock-down, there have been some Zoom chat meetings, (details posted on the Facebook group), during which there is a story and some songs.

If you have young children, you may like to use two videos of Nursery Rhymes by our vicar, who usually comes and plays and sings for the children, which features his legendary 'Old Macdonald' links for the two videos on YouTube are here:  Video 1  Video 2

Two YouTube Videos were also recorded with songs and a story from Julia which you can find if you click on the pictures on the right.

General Information

It is a group for parents or carers who attend St Luke's Babes and Toddlers on Mondays, at 9.30 - 11.30am during Term-time.  There is a £1.50 voluntary donation, and please bring a piece of fruit to share at snack time. 

Julia runs a Facebook page: search: "St Luke's Babes &Toddlers" a Private Facebook group, with over 100 members.  If you would like to join this group, please send a communication form to the Church Office, to get one of the Facebook admins to personal message you, to find out more about you, and your situation.

The aim of the facebook group, is to share information on weekly activities of the Babes and Toddlers group as well as any family activities that are happening at the church or in Grayshott.

You are welcome to share local children's evens as long as they are in keeping with St Luke's ethos, (if in doubt PM admin) but no sales posts allowed.  Thank you.

Babes and Toddler's Family Breakfast Club

During freer times, after a generous donation by the family of the late Daphne Bateman, we initiated a St Luke's Babes and Toddler's Family Breakfast Club. The Donation enabled us to buy some high-chairs, and have a Chef come and cook breakfast, so although we invite contributions towards the cost, it has meant that we don't 'charge' for this superb time of bringing families together, and means that there is no pressure for people not to come, if they don't have spare money to 'go out'.

The Breakfast has been a huge success, and was run on a Saturday from 9.30 to 11am, structured with crafts and activities, Breakfast, Singing including some children's worship songs, and a Bible Story for the children.

The Vision is to enable the Monday morning children to bring their siblings and significanat adults to this event to share their Monday experience.  When times allow, we will have this about once a month, as announced.


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