APCM 2022

Minutes of

Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2021

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) was opened at 7.45pm on Friday 30th April 2021 via Zoom by the vicar, Rev Jeremy Haswell, who welcomed the 69 people present.


Revd Haswell opened the meeting with a prayer.

 1. Apologies.

Apologies were received from  Peter Harrison, Penny Thomas,  Wendy Anniss, Carolyn Elton,  Jean Whittow, Sheila Sandison,  Carol Tinegate, Margaret Jackson, Spy Roots,

Lyn Hassell, Gordon & Helene Sanderson and Gill Pain.


2. Minutes of 2020 APCM

Lin Corlett proposed that the Minutes should be accepted, seconded by Michael Lugg and approved unanimously. The vicar signed the Minutes.


 3. Presentation of the Electoral Roll

It was reported that the total number on the Electoral Roll (ER) as at April 2021 was 169.


4. Elections


4.i. Readers: Dr Christopher Grocock offered to join the PCC as the Lay Readers Representative. This was welcomed by all. Revd Haswell said he was hugely grateful to Susie Millard and Chris for their support in his Ministry here – Chris has been helping with the more traditional side of things and Susie with the children and the life of the church enormously. This working together was another example of “Sharing the Load”.

Revd Haswell wanted to remember Jill Fudge, who hasn’t been well lately but she is our Emeritus Lay Reader and has served in churches for over 20 years.


4.ii. PCC Members.

Brenda Schwartz and Sue Wilson had completed their periods of office and were standing down.

Four applications for PCC membership had been received from:

Ros Balfour, Floss Mitchell, Frankie Kelly and Fiona Turner. There being only three vacancies the names went to a Vote. This was done electronically, and the result given at the end of the meeting.

The result was to elect the following:

Ros Balfour - Proposed by Sue Wilson, seconded by Lin Corlett

Floss Mitchell – Proposed by Fiona Turner, seconded by Anna Finey

Frankie Kelly – Proposed by Sheila Austin, seconded by Allison Sutcliffe.

Revd Haswell thanked Fiona Turner for her offer of serving on the PCC. He realised it was a disappointment for Fiona and it was unfortunate that in a ballot someone had to lose.

Revd Haswell thanked all members of the PCC for their service through what had been a very difficult time.


4.iii. Deanery Synod Representatives. There were two vacancies for Deanery Synod Representatives but only one applicant:

Penny Thomas – Proposed by Sheila Austin, seconded by Helene Sanderson. Approved unanimously by poll.


4.iv. Sidesmen/women. The PCC Secretary read out the following names of Sidesmen/women:

Sheila Austin, Ros Balfour, Adrian Banwell, Alan Corlett, Lin Corlett, Shelagh Edwards, Andrea Franklin, Angela Haine, Robert Harland, Julia Hedger, Sally Hiller, Linda Holbrook, Clive Loder, Bill Melly, Madi Mocanu, Alice Murphy, Jenny Pimm, Richard Pimm,

Anne Preston, Clive Purkiss, Christine Richmond, Julia Tarento, Liz Tippett, Jonathan Tippett, Barbara Ward, Viv Ward, Philippa Whitaker, Helen Williams, Sue Wilson.

All were approved. Revd Haswell expressed his gratitude to all for welcoming and organising people, particularly during this difficult time. Their role was an important part of the hospitality we give at St Luke’s.

5.Secretary Report. There was nothing to add to the published report.

6.Vicars Report. Revd Haswell said his report was again dominated by Covid19 and in his published report he had listed ways St Luke’s continues as a church to be a benefit to our community. He added that he wanted to thank Elizabeth Knifton, all those who have preached and the Lay Readers for their support. This being so much in line with the theme of the PCC’s “Sharing the Load”; how we continue to share the responsibility of ministry amongst us. The report also included aspects of growing in the three C’s – Connection, Commitment and Confidence, introduced last year.

Revd Haswell said the PCC leavers, Brenda Schwartz and Sue Wilson had been really helpful in representing areas of prayer and traditional worship, respectively. He added that Brenda would continue as the Prayer Champion, reporting to the PCC as necessary on the developments in prayer etc. Thanks to both were given virtually by the meeting.

Revd Haswell wanted particularly to give thanks for the technological support he receives from Patrick Johnston, who has been relentless in producing a consistency of quality in the St Luke’s weekly videos. 

7. Finance. Presentation of the Accounts. Revd Haswell wanted particularly to thank Viv Ward, who is working flat out all the time in all aspects of finance. A virtual round of thanks was given to Viv from the meeting. Viv said he’d had responses to his published report and the Annual Accounts but was happy to receive any questions at any time. Julia Hedger proposed approval of the Accounts, seconded by Bill Melly – approved unanimously.

7a. Stewardship Report. Viv explained we have just about managed to maintain giving during the pandemic at the same level as in past years which is quite incredible. He expressed his thanks to everyone for their giving but added that funds would need to be raised once the restrictions were lifted. Revd Haswell said that a Stewardship Recorder was still needed but thanks were due to Shelagh Edwards for continuing to maintain the giving records. Revd Haswell also thanked Bill Melly for his dedication to counting and banking the collections so faithfully each week, now on his own, but previously with Michael Blagden.

Bill responded saying he was ready to retire now if a younger person could be found but would carryon until then. Viv Ward ended with thanks to Barbara Johnston for her help with the bookkeeping, endorsed by Revd Haswell for all she does in connection with finance of the church.


8.Indepentent Examiner. Jonathan Tippett confirmed 2021 would be his last year. He was thanked for his diligence and advice over the years. Proposed by Richard Pimm, seconded by Sheila Daniel, and carried unanimously by poll.

9.Churchwardens Report. Edward Tobin referred to his published report which was a little out of date. He thanked a number of people who had contributed to the church activities during the pandemic – including Patrick Johnston for the videos etc, and Sheila Austin for the booking process. Edward also reported on the comments he had received on the Churchyard, so he thanked the Churchyard Team (Alan Corlett, Brian Rogerson, Richard Pimm, David Williams). He also thanked Vali Mocanu who had been cleaning the church everyday. Jeremy Hassell and Christopher Haswell have cleaned the Belfry and secured it from pigeons.

He thanked the Assistant Churchwardens for making the job of a solo Churchwarden very much easier; they had all worked tremendously hard in a number of areas in and around the church

The Quinquennial Inspection on 19th April went through fairly smoothly – the absence of an asbestos inspection was noted but this was in hand.

Revd Haswell asked for a huge round of applause for Edward Tobin for bearing the load of two Churchwardens but not to forget his Assistants who have been marvellous. The whole meeting expressed full gratitude in the normal virtual way.


10.Deanery Synod Report. There had been no Deanery Synod meeting so no report.

11.Other Reports. Revd Haswell went through the Reports published in the APCM Booklet, thanking all contributions.

Local Lay Ministers – Susie Millard & Chris Grocock.

Grayshott Lunch Club – Angela Haine

Grayshott School – Linda Holbrook. Revd Haswell said he was excited about the connection between St Luke’s and the school and that St Luke’s was currently involved in the appointment of a new Headteacher.

Grayshott Today – Helen Williams and Team (Robert Harland, Colin Milner-Walker, Barbara Johnston & Revd Haswell). Revd Haswell was hugely proud of what Helen Williams and the whole team had achieved; the quality of the magazine was wonderful.

Outreach/Hospitality – Allison Sutcliffe was thanked for developing a vision for Outreach, also for the hospitality she had given via quizzes and zoom groups. Revd Haswell said that as we come out of lockdown Outreach will be a real focus. Allison had also been instrumental in organising the provision of laptops for local schools in cooperation with Trusted PC Man. This had been a blessing for a large number of young people.

Pastoral – Ros Balfour. Huge gratitude was expressed to Ros for all the connections she had kept going throughout the last year particularly with some local Care Homes.

Prayer & Discipleship – Brenda Schwartz. Revd Haswell highlighted the amazing work Brenda had done with Weekday devotions, so appreciated by those attending. He said her leadership in the area of prayer was wonderful. Virtual thanks was also given by the meeting.

Youth & Children – Anna Finey & Dan Bennett. Anna is the PCC Champion for this group, co-ordinating all activities in this category. Throughout this difficult year it has been extremely hard to reach out to this group and Dan Bennett has been amazing at keeping our youth connected via videos etc. Revd Haswell added that Dan has been running a Youth Alpha, a real focal point for our young people.

12. Any Other Business. (The following send into the secretary prior to the meeting)

Peter Harrison.

“As a Parishioner for over 50 years – and also as co-founder of Grayshott Concerts in 2004, I, together with my fellow Trustees, would like to thank Jeremy, Edward, the PCC and everyone at St Luke’s for allowing Grayshott Concerts to use our truly wonderful, acoustically perfect, architecturally glorious St Luke’s Church as our music venue, now with over 80 events behind us. Lockdown was particularly hard for everyone, but your team allowed us to become unique in the UK last year, by enabling us to double our events with 8 sell-out performances, most of them socially-distanced, hand-sanitised and bemasked. And our audiences LOVED coming – and love telling their friends how much they enjoyed the occasions. Thank you again, St Luke’s!”

“We constantly strive to set the highest of standards for music performances at St Luke’s and we long to see a professional choir leader, organist and bandleader at work again for weekly services at St Luke’s. No one has stepped forward for some  years now. St Luke’s deserves the best music at services. Now that Lockdown is easing, could the PCC make a new resolution to form a special team under an inspirational leader with fresh resolve to go out, find and appoint just the right person to the post? Surely, it’s now the right time to go forward to secure the ideal candidate. Come on St Luke’s. You CAN do it.”

In acknowledgement Revd Haswell said he was delighted with the good relationship between St Luke’s and Grayshott Concerts.

Revd Haswell thanked all present, particularly for their patience over the technical issues that had arisen during the meeting.


The meeting ended at 9.05pm.



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