Holy Communion

Book of Common Prayer

Used at our 8.30am services, and at that great traditional service of the Church of England, Choral Mattins (4th Sunday of the month at 9am).

Common Worship

Used at our 10.30am Sunday services

Family Service

The first Sunday of every month at 10.30 am

Junior Church

At each 10.30am Sunday service except for the first Sunday in the month when it's the Family Service


A lovely quiet contemplative evening service on the first Sunday of the month.

Praise Service

An opportunity to worship God through contemporary music in an informal setting. On the second Sunday of each month at 6pm.

Choral Evensong

On the 3rd Sunday of each month, this service has a particular serenity and beauty.


Junior Church

Services at St Luke's

Traditional Services

These services use the Book of Common Prayer (BCP 1662) and the King James Bible (Authorised Version). They encourage us to meet God through the beauty of language and music, giving time for quiet reflection and prayer. See below for times and details- services are denoted as BCP, most of these include hymns with organ.

Contemporary Services

Contemporary worship encourages us to meet God through more accessible words and music with a more familiar beat. God makes his presence known through each of us, and time is given to hearing about what God is doing today.

These services are denoted with the letters CW, standing for Common Worship, the Church of England's prayer book in today's language.

All the 10.30am services use contemporary language, and all are Holy Communion except on the first Sunday of the month when there is an All Age Family Service. At this Service the children stay in church throughout the service, and the aim is to keep them thoroughly engaged for the 45-50 minute service through fun ways to listen, pray, play and sing. We tend to direct baptisms to this service, as it is a great relaxed context for families and guests of the baptism to feel included.  If there is a baptism in the service, it can run up to an hour, but we work to keep this service accessible to all.

At the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Sunday Communion services, children are encouraged to leave church after the first hymn for Junior Church, and they return to church later for communion or a blessing. There is a lovely Children's Zone at the back of the church for parents with children who wish to stay in church, If your child is struggling to settle, and is crying, or particularly noisy, we are working on space to take children to, so you can follow the talk, without the stress of comforting your child in the context of the rest of the congregation listening to a sermon/talk.  If you need help, we always have 'welcomers' available to assist.


Services at St Luke's Grayshott

Sorry, we currently have no scheduled services.

Early Sunday Morning Service - 8.30 am (or 9.00am 4th Sunday)

1st Sunday of the month, Holy Communion - Common Worship

2nd and 3rd Sundays of the month, Holy Communion - Book of Common Prayer

4th Sunday of the month, Choral Mattins (Service held at 9.00 am)

5th Sunday of the month, Holy Communion - Book of Common Prayer

Sunday Family Services and Junior Church - 10.30 am

1st Sunday of the month, All Age Family Service (Children stay in the Family Service)

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays, Holy Communion - Common Worship with contemporary music led by a band, and Junior Church in the Church Rooms.
Every Sunday a Creche is avaliable in the Church Rooms

Sunday Evening Worship - 6.00 pm

1st Sunday of the month - Compline (monastic night prayer) - Said or Sung

2nd Sunday - Book of Common Prayer Choral Communion

3rd Sunday - Book of Common Prayer Choral Evensong with Anthem

4th Sunday - Book of Common Prayer Said Communion with Hymns

5th Sunday - Book of Common Prayer Choral Evensong with Anthem


Mid-Week Meetings/Services

Monday to Saturday- Daily Prayer in Church (9.00 am)

Tuesday - Healing Prayer Group in Barnabas (9.30 am) - Requests for healing prayer.

Thursday - Holy Communion - Book of Common Prayer(11.00 am)


Calendar of Events

Sorry, we currently have no scheduled events.