Vicar’s letter



We are used to Governments talking about the importance of productivity for the economy as a whole- along with for example a flexible workforce, skilled workers and a lack of bureaucracy. Last month a report came out (World Values Survey) saying that trust levels in the UK had now fallen from 60% in the 1950s to just 30% today. This gave rise to some newspaper commentators wringing their hands because trust is also a key economic health indicator. Where there is trust there is much less need for legislation, bureaucracy, legal fees, and much less time spent on litigation. The statistics were measured from agreement or disagreement with the statement “most people can be trusted.”


Is trust a virtue? Should we bemoan lower levels of trust? It may be an excellent indicator of a society’s health and economic prospects, but isn’t wariness important? After years of correctly teaching children about “stranger danger” it is surely a good thing that our children no longer get into strangers’ cars. With the steep rise in internet and telephone financial scams we surely need to be less trusting. Jesus, John’s gospel tells us, “would not entrust Himself to them, for He knew …what was in a man.”


So if trust is necessary to economic prosperity and yet we need to guard against fraud, what can we do? Trust depends on consistent communication and personal relationships. It is right to be wary of people we don’t know- but the corollary is that we must therefore work hard to build personal relationships, and not live in private isolation. Grayshott prospers because of the pub, the social club, the church, the shops and the market place. These all provide the invaluable places for us to meet. The many societies, sports clubs, weekly worship and charitable meetings promote the growth of well founded trust- or deserved suspicion. After England’s disastrous rugby world cup, Mike Brown said that he could no longer trust his team mates because they had broken the commitment they had made to each other. It will be restored with some (rather heated!) communication. Through truthful communication we build trust, and trust in turns deepens communication, so that a virtuous circle that blossoms into true care, community and love is built.


This is the principle on which God runs the world, and is dramatically seen in His working to restore relationship with human beings through Jesus, His Son. “The Word (the communication) became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.” Trust (or faith) comes when we choose to believe what God has said; this may or may not result in economic prosperity, but it will certainly result in connection with God, and deepest contentment.


Wishing you all a very happy Christmas,



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