New Notice Board

October 17, 2011 at 1:45 PM

The new noticeboard for St Luke’s was designed by Colin Dodge who, until recently, was the Church architect. The words on the panels were developed by a sub-committee of the PCC. The noticeboard was donated to St Luke’s by Mary Brookes in memory of her husband Robin who died in 2008 aged 74.
The noticeboard is constructed of air-dried European oak which is very long-lasting but is a very demanding timber to work with. All joints like the mortice and tenon joints need to be accurate to a fraction of a millimeter because the timber has no ‘give’ in it. Don Gribble, who made it in his workshop, expected to finish its construction in 3 days, but in the event, it took 8 days to complete. The lettering on the headboard was done by an engraver called Jon Millington who has done several church noticeboards before. He infilled the lettering with a particularly shiny gold paint which keeps its lustre for many years. The whole noticeboard is painted with three coats of external satin polyurethane except over the lettering. To stop the weather attacking the grain of the headboard, it has been capped in aluminium.
Five men from Balfour Beattie came to our rescue when it was obvious that we would hit big tree roots where the supporting posts needed to be dug. It took them 3 hours with picks and shovels to dig the 75cm deep holes. Thanks to some careful preliminary work, involving making a template with holes in exactly the right place, the extremely heavy posts went up correctly at our first attempt. Tony Edden then turned 7 bags of ballast into concrete to fill the holes. It was he who decided on the location of the noticeboard and this has proved to be ideal. On approaching the church, passers-by can see it sheltering near the path under the large chestnut tree The view of the church is left unimpeded. Most of the day it is in bright sunlight.
Every week, the centre panel will be changed to show the forthcoming services. Don worked out an ingenious way of doing this: a stack of five boards is permanently kept inside the noticeboard with numbers marked on the back for each week of the month. Each Monday, someone will unlock two side catches and place the back panel to the front. The whole stack is protected from the weather to slow down the growth of green mould on the panels, but no doubt they will need to be taken completely out once every few years to give them a good wash.
Erecting the noticeboard went like a dream. All the holes proved to be in exactly the right place and it only took half an hour to complete. Our picture shows Moray Thomas, Fred Robins and Tony Edden carrying the noticeboard to its pride of place. We are assured by Guildford Signs, who made the white-on-blue lettering panels, that they will last for 10 years or more. Of course, if Moray changes the times of any of the services, a new panel will need to be made. Perhaps the expense of doing this will dissuade him from doing this lightly. This noticeboard is truly the most magnificent of any church in the Diocese. Hopefully it will tempt residents of Grayshott to venture inside where, as the noticeboard proclaims ‘A warm welcome awaits you’.
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Sunday 31st May, 2020
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Sunday 7th June, 2020
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Sunday 7th June, 2020
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