The Church of England prayers on the website (Link below) are excellent, 

and Here are some thoughts from Jeremy
Dear Father
1) Lord You are Sovereign over the Nations. Jesus, You came to seek and to save the Lost. We worship you.
2) You are the source of every good and perfect gift. You can protect and deliver us. Your perfect love can overcome fear, and your word is a light in the darkness. 
Request Protection:
3) Grant our community protection at this time of crisis. And for those we know who are infected, have mercy upon them, and grant them a full recovery. 
4) We pray for our political, community  and Church leaders to be guided to lead with wisdom and courage. Inspire new initiatives and projects to overcome the logistical challenges over food and care. We pray for many facing financial devastation, and despair, for mercy and compassion to prevail. 
5) Bring good out of the evil of this infection. Deliver our nation from the ingrained pride of self-sufficiency, and human control, rejecting you. Lead us by the power of your Holy Spirit, to humble ourselves under the wisdom of your word, and to acknowledge our need of you, to turn away from our Godless materialism, and turn to you as the fountain of life. 
The Church:
6) Revive your Church to preach Jesus, the unchanging truth, boldly, telling the Good News of the cross and Jesus’ resurrection, a message of hope for our time. 
St Luke’s:
7) We pray for ourselves at St Luke’s to expect and be prepared for those turning to Christ, raise up leaders from among us to support new believers. 
8) May we know your peace, and draw close to you during this testing time. May we hear your Holy Spirit guiding each one.  May we be lights to our community.
Local community support:
9) We pray for all those who are offering themselves within the community to support the elderly and frail. Energise our determination to communicate with neighbours. 
10) May love prevail, and our whole community come together with mercy & generosity to support the medically and financially vulnerable. 
The Lord’s Prayer:
Our Father... 
Thank you all for being wonderful. And as we pray, let us ask the Lord what he is preparing you for, in a different world, seeking to rebuild lives, work, business, and church life. We will be in touch. 
Bless you all,