Sunday 28th June
Dear St Luke’s,


I am delighted to be writing to you again, of course we miss you all, and being able to get together. If you are wondering what I am thinking at this time, that is a fair question. I am pondering the things that the Lord might be doing, and saying to us, and praying for wisdom, but have a growing vision which includes us reaching out to the parish, and building infrastructure to support the vulnerable and struggling in our area.  I hope we can be part of the story of regeneration and recovery post covid-19, in all areas of the life of our community. Our responsibility is of course to represent the Gospel, and live in the grace and power of the Lord, seeking to respond to the promptings and guidance He gives.  Elizabeth’s talk today says exactly that.


I believe that the Lord is working in all of our hearts, and through the difficulty of this time, believe that He is shaping things, and positioning us to better fulfil our calling as a community.


The release of a date when we are permitted to meet together, is a challenge, and as I say in the video, we are working on that, to balance safety for all with our capacity to genuinely worship. The challenges include the fact that according to the NHS letter I received, I am supposed to be shielding until the end of next month!


If you feel dislocated, I am sorry, and we want to find a way of helping you to feel connected,  but I ask you to be patient with us, and for every one of us to offer ourselves to the Lord afresh with the words of the Lord’s prayer: “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth,(in my life,) as it is in heaven”, and listen for His response.


Sunday’s Service

The link to the YouTube video for Sunday 28th June 2020  is


Bishop Jo’s sermon

– ‘Gloves off time’ – focuses on the story of Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 22:1-14).


Opening the Church

Many thanks to Edward, Sheila Austin and the team who have enabled us to Facilitate a limited opening of the Church for private prayer. 


Susie Millard’s 

Children’s Story

Susie has been very busy this week working on the Holiday Club preparation, and will be making a children’s story video in the week. So please look out on our YouTube Channel for any more videos from Susie.  A huge thank you Susie for all you have done.


St Luke’s News sheet  Thank you to all who contributed to the excellent newsletter produced recently by Lin Corlett. If you have more messages, anecdotes, don`t forget the photos of your Fathers' Day flowers etc. for her, do send them to her email: for the next edition; and thank you Lin. 


11.30am Sunday Zoom Virtual Coffee

About 12-15 people drop in on a Sunday for this. So do get a drink and meet up with us. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 664 927 5264

Password: stlukes


Sunday Evening Prayer 

Chris Grocock

is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.  Normal Service will be resumed this evening, at 5.50 for 6pm.  The readings are:

  • Psalm 50 1-15
  • 1 Samuel 28:3 - 19
  • Luke 17:20-end

This week I will try to finish the blessing before we are cut off!  and I will record the service as well.

Meeting ID: 334 161 7587

Password: 465013 


Weekday Morning Meditation

Monday – Friday, 9.30-10.10am

From Brenda

This week we will continue to look at what happened in the early church. 


The Scriptures for the Morning Meditations this coming week are as follows. All the other details are the same as in last week’s email.

  • Monday: Acts 10:1-8
  • Tuesday: Acts 10:9-29
  • Wednesday Acts 10:30-48 
  • Thursday Acts 11:1-18
  • Friday Acts 11:19-30

Blessings, Brenda

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Weekly Thursday prayer Meeting

Thursday 7pm prayer.

here is the new Zoom link. 

It will be the link for future Thursday evening prayer meetings too.

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Meeting ID: 952 1178 9900 

Password: 0QGK7A

Lots of blessings, Brenda



Three links to videos sent to me by Ros Balfour. One of organ music, plainsong and another of amazing resourcefulness in extreme circumstances. 

Ros’ Neice’s partner Richard McVeigh’s Channel:

Richard & Ros’ niece, Duruflé Creator & plainsong

Landfill Harmonic


Personal Devotions

For help with daily Prayer, and Bible reading, we recommend the Lectio365 Phone & tablet App, 



and BIOY (Bible In One Year) to



lead you, and get you started. Both have Audio, to suit those who prefer it. 


Prayer for the Sick

We have groups who would be glad to pray for you or those known to you, if so please forward to me, Brenda or the Office and your prayer request will be forwarded to those groups. Thank you. 


Thank you

Thank you all for the work so many are doing to help each other, and neighbours, through this strange time. Please keep safe, Follow guidelines, and be assured of our Love, whether you are busy or bored. Please pray for one another in our  mission to reach those who don’t yet know the love, wonder and Glory of God, The Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. 


Love from

Jeremy and Claire


The Vicarage

01428 481293

07717 762539