Don Gribble writes about Rita Moore

Rita and her brother Michael came from a farming family. They moved into the Grayshott area in 1951, first living at Camp Superior for 8 years and then moving into the village. At the time Rita  was a student at Alton Convent. During her life she worked for Gould and Chapman in Crossways Road before joining Plant Protection in Fernhurst where she stayed for 36 years.
Many young men in the village will still remember crying out ‘we’ll dob-dob-dob’ (we’ll do our best) for Rita, because for 14 years she was Akela in the Grayshott Scout Group.
In the church, Rita sang alto in the choir and rang the bells for 50 years. She took over from Graham Yarborough as Tower Captain and ran a happy tower for the best part of 25 years. Twice she rang a full peal on the bells lasting more than 5 hours.
What else can one remember about her? Rita drove for Grayshott Care and sat on the Committee of the Grayshott Housing Association. For several years she was Chairman of the Women’s Group at St Luke’s.
Rita was born on 3 April 1936 and passed away on 8 October. Her brother Michael and her many friends will miss her very much.
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