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As most of your know St Luke's have been supporting the Children of the Promise Foundation in Oradea, Romania for a few years now and some of us have been lucky enough to visit the Foundation's base in Oradea.

But whats it all about?

Sami Mitra started his mission, Children of the Promise, in 1995 to help the gypsy children in Romania. The gypsies are Romania's neglected "race". They were sold and treated as slaves until the mid-19th century and never integrated into Romanian society.

Once an exotic nation of wanderers, they are trying now to find their place in the modern world. There are 1.5 million gypsies in Romania, most of whom are treated as outcasts. In turn, their children are often neglected and left to fend for themselves through prostitution, aggressive begging, stealing, etc. Sami's mission, which tends about 150 children, breaks the cycle of social and economic oppression and familial neglect through feeding, teaching and clothing these young gypsies.

Sami runs a day centre for children in a north western city of Romania called Oradea. In addition, he has also established a women's centre to house and assist young gypsy women who, without Sami's help, would have no means of support. He uses these facilities to help the gypsies integrate into society and learn of Christ's love for them. The centre's primary means of support is International Community Church.

So that is why we help and we are hoping to organise a Mission trip to Oradea in May this year (16th - 22nd).

This opportunity is open to all and Sami Mitra welcomes everyone and is so very grateful for the support we continue to give through our Outward Giving. Sami always tells us that showing the children that they are loved by God and us by the personal visits means so much to them and the helpers.

The following report, from Vivien, records the visit she and Roger made last December when they took gifts and money from St Luke's to Oradea. The work Sami and his team have done, are doing and, as Vivien's report indicates will be doing more in the future, is so important for the Roma children it deserves all the support we can give them. Please prayerfully consider if you too would like to be a part of the Mission to take the message of God's love to and experience at first hand the joy in the faces of the children as they greet you.To find out more please contact Moray.

 Vivien’s visit report

In early December 2011 Roger and I visited the Roma Children of the Promise Foundation in Oradea, to deliver gifts and donations for the Feast of St Nicholas. Thanks to the kindness of many people at St Lukes and other friends I was once again able to take a suitcase full of beanie hats, warm gloves, socks and many toys, trinkets and chocolate coins! In addition we were able to give Samuil Mitra £200 that he used to buy trainer shoes for most of his children. It was a flying visit this time but no less enjoyable! On the Friday morning we arrived at the COPT and were greeted enthusiastically by everyone. It is fun to have the nickname of Santa Vivien. Samui had arranged for all the children both at the main foundation and from his Keriu school to entertain us with a Christmas concert. Each group or class did their turn and played and sang some wonderful carols for us. We then distributed all the gifts and the shoes we had purchased from a local wholesaler before the concert. The children were so excited and loved all the presents. It was a joy to see their happy faces. After the concert Samui and his brother Dan took us on tour round the city to see the orphanage that he has been appointed as the administrator. We also visited the girls home and saw the new rooms and windows that we have contributed towards, with our outward giving at St Lukes. Samui showed us the damaged roof that he is hoping we will be able to help with in the near future. On the Saturday morning we called at the Foundation again to chat about possible projects where we could assist. We saw several children around the area and they greeted us happily showing off their new shoes and warm hats!! In May this year we are planning another mission trip from St Lukes to the COPT and would welcome anyone who would be interested. Samui would be delighted and happy to accommodate you in the new guest rooms that they are now building at the Foundation. Many thanks to everyone who helped us by donating so generously. Samui and all the children at the COPt send their love and prayers to everyone. (Santa) Vivien Turner

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