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Holiday Club Challenge – food for Africa’

Holiday Club Challenge – food for Africa’ The Holiday Club Challenge is to see if you can raise some money for food for families in East Africa on your own and with your family. Save all the money in a jar and see how much you have raised by the time you go back to school. Every little will help much more than you can imagine. Following on from our holiday club theme of loving our neighbour and finding out that meant everyone in the world is our neighbour, we now have a follow-on Holiday club challenge – the practical part of the teaching. This Challenge is to raise some money for food for a group of families in E Africa struggling because of the drought. Pastor Daniel Gitau (who Rev Jeremy knows) has been feeding about 170 people through his church for the last 8 weeks,.... it costs £600 to feed that number of people for 3 weeks. Children could offer to help with some household jobs like washing up, tidying up even washing the car in return for a (agreed) donation to the jar Ask family members/family friends to sponsor a family walk of 3- 5 miles (age dependent) or bike ride, Giving up an ice cream or sweets and putting the money in a jar Perhaps finding something a parent could sell on ebay, or? When you have finished the chal… Read more

Holiday Club

This year it all happend VIRTUALLY. 5 days of stories, crafts, singing & prayers. Click on this heading to see more details. Read more


We are happy to be opening our doors for individual prayer as permitted by the regulations. Safeguards are in place to limit the possible spread of Covid-19 Including restrictions on where you might sit in church and keeping a safe distance from other people. If visiting the church, please observe these measures. The church is cleaned daily. Gatherings and church services are still restricted at the present time but there is a short morning service at 10.30 each Sunday morning. Apart from this the church is open daily between 11am and 1pm. On all occasions visitors and congregations must wear face coverings. To those of us for whom St. Luke's Church is a lovely centre of worship we feel that this is a step in the right direction. Read more

Services Online

Click here for this weeks service and other online activity including Bible Stories for children Read more

Latest weekly letter from our vicar

Click here to read this weeks news from Jeremy Read more

Giving & Donations

During the Covid-19 lockdown St Luke’s Church recognises that there will be many who cannot cope financially for various reasons. These people are in a very difficult position and may need our help. Maybe you would like to make a financial contribution to this ore on of the other St Luke's funds. Please click for more details Read more

Sunday Service 10th May

Click here for today's service Read more

Evening Prayer for Sunday 10th May

Chris Grocock will be presiding at 6pm This will include a short reflection! If you would like to take part ring Chris for the link coordinates 01428 608138 Read more

Grayshott Today

The magazine is now back and being printed and distributed as normal. An electronic version can be read by clicking this heading and follow the link. Read more

Susie’s Bible Stories

Susie's Bible story and prayer for primary school aged children (open the Book style) is now available by clicking this heading Read more

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