Christians are encouraged to pray regularly in whatever way works for them and so to seek to connect with God.

A few words from Gill Pain, who was the leader of St Luke's Prayer Team:

'Prayer is our communication with God. It is a personal process that helps develop our relationship with Him. Prayer is God listening and talking to us. So pretty important, or more than important, vital to our lives' journey.

Whether we are young, old, beginners or "returners" - talking and listening to God is that thread that attaches us to Him. G.K.Chesterton in his novel, 'Father Brown' said," I caught him on a line and hook, then allowed him to travel to the ends of the earth, but then, with a twitch of the thread I brought him back to me' The author of course was talking about God, never letting us go. How wonderful!

We are very blessed in St Luke's to have many groups that meet just to pray:

  • Tuesday morning people meet in the church room to pray for the sick.
  • We have a group who pray for certain people every day from the healing prayer book.
  • There is a night and day prayer chain that can be used in an emergency, using the phone.
  • There is a service every morning in church at 9am for prayer and worship.
  • We have a wonderful village blessing that is said over our village most days that stems from a retreat house in Wales.
  • Also before and after services on Sundays, we have prayer and ministry for anyone who would like it.
  • There is also a group who meet regularly to pray for our youth and Sunday School and the youth of the village.

We are very blessed with many people who give time to this ministry. But there is always room for more!' 'He found him in a desert land, And in the howling waste of the wilderness, He encircled him, he cared for him He kept him as the apple of His eye.' Deuteronomy32