Village 2 Church Appeal

As residents and businesses in Grayshott you will be aware of the beautiful building that sits proudly and majestically in the heart of our village. Its presence is of great value and helps to create the wonderful village ambience for you and the many visitors to enjoy.

You don’t have to be a ‘church goer’ to appreciate what St Luke’s Church contributes to village life both in terms of community service and the beauty of its architecture. There is also great comfort and assurance whilst seeing the building on a daily basis and enjoying it's stunning illuminations at night.

As a community we are indebted to previous generations for constructing, managing and preserving this heritage and it has been passed to us for safekeeping. However, the upkeep and running costs of the church are high and this burden currently falls upon a small number of people who are struggling to make ends meet.

The Village2Church appeal has been set up to ask residents, businesses and village groups to help, to donate money on a regular basis that will assist with the upkeep of the Church building. We know this is a‘big ask’ but we believe that it's fair to share some of the overheads and responsibilities with the village community. With your support we can successfully maintain the building for bene!t of the village community and preserve it for future generations to enjoyand appreciate.

‘It takes a whole village to raise a child’, says a well-known African proverb. We believe that it takes a whole village to keep a church going!


Your response form

 I would like to make a monthly donation to keep St Luke’s Church going for the whole village to enjoy.
 I am unable to make a commitment to give regularly but I would like to make a single donation.
 I am a UK taxpayer and I give permission for my donation to be ‘Gift Aided’. (This adds 25% to the value of your donation.)

Download a PDF version of this form here.