The Vicars yearly report

Vicar’s PCC report March 2019
Firstly I want to put on record, and thank all the PCC for their evident
commitment and attention to all aspects of the life of St Luke’s, for the
extraordinary level of support for me personally and for the vision that is being
brought to the church, and the enthusiasm with which I see so many serve in the
I am glad to say that I feel that we have navigated the start of the year well, with
great feedback on the provision of Christmas, and a bit of recovery time in
January, so now we set out our stall for this year.
I have suggested three main elements to our vision particularly this year, and
these are as follows.
This is about developing disciples of Jesus Christ, who place faithfulness
in prayer, in reading scripture, in service, in responsibility, and in
obedience to the direction that the Holy Spirit is giving us in prayer.
This is about discerning God’s revealed pathway for fruitfulness in the
Kingdom of God. E.g. We sow seeds that are watered, but God gives the
increase, and the harvest [The harvest is not forced]. Yeast is mixed in the
lump, and it is kneaded in until it has affected the whole lump of dough.
[We keep going faithfully working, and eventually the DNA reaches
through the whole community, of love, and grace, and humility etc.] We
abide in Jesus the vine, and we will yield fruit, and we let the Father prune
our branches, so they bear more fruit. [We stay close to the person of
Jesus in everything we do] etc.
I have used the word Friendliness rather than either Fellowship or
Family, because I believe that both those words can denote a boundaried
relationship, and the possibility of exclusivity and cliques. Friendliness is
outward facing and is about having a mindset of bringing those on the
edge into the centre, and those on the outside being brought onto the
inside of the community, all for the purpose of sharing the love of Christ
with them, and seeing that love transform them. My desire is that our
community shows God’s generous hospitality to those around us, so if
people want to know where that quality comes from, we can say: ‘that is
what God is like’.
My first objective has been to put prayer at the heart of the life of the church, and
Brenda Schwartz has worked assiduously to assess, review and address all areas
of prayer in the Church, but the Key initiative is that we have inaugurated a
corporate Church Prayer Meeting at 8-9pm on the evening of the second Tuesday
of the month, Co-led by Brenda and the Vicar. These sessions have been
energetic and exciting, incorporating a number of elements, praise, scripture, a
short teaching, silence, as well as prayer for the business of the church, and the

parish and beyond. These started in January, and have been attended by 12 on
two occasions and 9 once.
I celebrate the start of the once a month (Babes and Toddlers) Family Breakfast
Club, Julia Hedger and a small team has begun this exciting new venture,
bringing whole families together to the church, building on the existing
relationships with the mothers and children, including older siblings, and
fathers. We include a low level Bible Story to those who come to the Babes and
Toddler’s group. The first session was very well attended and very well
Also the new Men’s Breakfast started by Dan Bennett, which also has been very
well received, well done to him, and to all those involved and attending.
I also acknowledge the efforts of Elizabeth Hardy with the Lent Lunches, which
so far have been well attended by approximately 16 people, each time. The
Friendship Lunch continues to be a valuable outreach to some of our older
parishioners, for which I thank Ros Balfour for running an excellent operation.
These hospitality initiatives are providing a great opportunity for people to meet,
and for people to share their stories, and to shine for Christ.
Looking forward, we have already booked the King’s Men Concert on July 10 th ,
and I am planning a special Summer Term ‘festival week’ built around the King’s
Men concert, of which we will hear more as it unfolds. I intend that this will
include guest speakers, opportunities for hospitality, and possibly an outing for
our older community (free during the day).
I was very glad to see the visit of Canon Andrew White, and Philippa Savile on
10 th and 17 th March respectively. There was a good attendance at the 10.30
service with Andrew, many of whom received ministry from him after
communion, and 71 came to the Sung Evensong Service with simple reception
afterwards when Philippa Savile spoke.
We are still short of a Choir director, and continue to be grateful for Malcolm
Pain’s help, and Simon Clark’s occasional help with our choral services. Robert
Gillman has retired, due to the fact that he is moving out of the area, but we have
been immensely grateful for his help over a couple of years.
Please pray for help in all areas, and the right people for our vacancies of a
Church Warden, and the music leaders we need, and please pray for me, as I seek
to hear from God, and to implement what I hear.
I am immensely grateful to Viv Ward for all his support and his tireless work on
the accounts, to Barbara and Madi in the office, our Church Wardens, and Sheila
Austin, our PCC Secretary, all of whom serve with energy and enthusiasm.
Jeremy Haswell
March 2019

Calendar of Events

10.30am Common Worship Communion (Covid compliant)

Sunday 4th October, 2020
10:30 am - 11:30 am

7.00pm Youth Service (Covid compliant)

Sunday 4th October, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

10.30 Morning Worship

Sunday 11th October, 2020
10:30 am - 11:30 am

6.00pm Compline (Covid compliant)

Sunday 11th October, 2020
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Patronal Sunday 10.30 Common Worship HC

Sunday 18th October, 2020
10:30 am - 11:30 am

6.00pm BCP - Holy Communion (Covid compliant)

Sunday 18th October, 2020
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm