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People say that St Luke's is a friendly and caring church.  Which is great, as that's what we set out to be!  We do our best to be welcoming to everyone who comes to St Luke's whether it's for a Sunday service or for a special occaision like a Christmas service or a wedding or funeral.  Everyone matters to us and we just love meeting new people and getting to know them.  From babies to the oldest members of the community citizens... we welcome people of all ages!

We are a village church in more ways than one. We are located on the Headley Road in Grayshott Village and most of the people who come to church live in the village area.  But not only that - we are very interconnected with the village and pride ourselves on being engaged in all aspects of community life.

It has to be said that the church building is really lovely and well worth a visit.  There are some truly stunning stained glass windows and the shape and structure of the church are very beautiful.  We are pleased that so very many people are able to enjoy this wonderful spiritual space...both through quiet reflection during weekdays when the church is open to the public and at big events like the very popular Grayshott Concerts.

St Luke's is a Church of England parish and we seek to meet the variety of needs of all parishioners, providing both spiritual and pastoral care to all in the community.  We have maintained and developed our church services so that we can cater for people who prefer traditional services as well as people who like more modern services and we also 'cater' for families, with a family service on the first Sunday of every month. 

St Luke's Church is situated on the southern boundary of the Diocese of Guildford (adjacent to the dioceses of Portsmouth and Chichester) in the Deanery of Farnham and the Ecumenical Fraternal of Haslemere.

A history of St Luke's of Grayshott

It surprises many people when they learn that St Luke’s is not an "old" church; it only celebrated its centenary during the year 2000.

The foundation stone was laid on 30th July 1898 and the Church was consecrated on St Luke’s Day, 18th October 1900. However it was not until January 1901 that the Grayshott Ecclesiastical Parish was created from parts of Headley, Churt and Shottermill parishes. Until then it had been part of the ancient parish of Headley

The boundaries of the Parish do not coincide with those of the civil parish of Grayshott for it includes those parts of Surrey up to the A3 as well as Tower Road, Pinebank, Hazel Grove, High Pitfold and Portsmouth Road from the traffic lights to Hammer Lane.

It is interesting to note that the civil parish of Grayshott was not created until 1903. However the Church and Village have grown together, side by side, during the last hundred years. Both the Church and the Village owe their existence to the generosity of three local families, the I’Ansons, Whitakers and Lyndons (Dr. Lyndon was Grayshott’s first doctor).

During the last hundred years there have been ten vicars.

Rev J M Jeakes, who served from 1900 to 1908, was the first, and Rev Jeremy Haswell the latest, who was appointed in November 2018.

The Church has always been "part of the Village", seeking to serve its needs.

The Church itself is built in the Early English style to a design of its honorary architect Edward I’Anson (sometime architect and surveyor of St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London and Master of the Merchant Taylor’s Company).

It contains seating for 350 people; it is 102ft long and 42ft wide including aisles,and 43ft high in the nave. The spire and tower are 100ft high

The walls are faced with local stone, Bargate on the outside and Headley on the inside; the nave arcade, the arches and the windows are of Bath stone.

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